Journey to Civilization
The Science of How We Got Here
Roger P. Briggs

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A Brilliant and Engrossing Description of the Evolution of the Universe and Human Life

By Stephen R. Jones on October 30, 2013

This is one of the most engrossing popular science books I've ever read. It clearly and engagingly explains the most recent theories concerning the Big Bang, the creation of our solar system, and the evolution of life on Earth. Beyond that, the author evokes a sense of wonder that drew me into the creation story and left me open-mouthed with amazement. A beautiful book!

13.75 Billion Years in 200 pages!

By Mike Stanley on May 20, 2013

I have just finished reading Journey to Civilization by Roger Briggs I am a retired teacher who taught biology and anatomy/physiology during my 32 years of teaching in public schools. When I retired I taught earth science, life science and physical science at a private school for 8 more years. In my view this is one of the most important books written. I struggled a bit in the 1st two chapters but then found it hard to put down. That most likely shows my biology bias not anything wrong with the 1st two chapters. Very well written and researched

I feel all students would be well served if by the time they graduate from high school they have read journey to civilization. It creates a unifying perspective for all the science classes they take. It is so much more than science facts.

"Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution"
Theodosius Dobzhansky

A must read for those who wish to be informed about the science of,,,, us!

A must read for those who wish to be informed about the science!

By Eric D. Miller on May 2, 2013

This exciting new text is not only a gorgeous production, it is a complete compendium of one of the more important fields in science. It is a well written, understandable, and beautifully illustrated book that I will re-read each year. It is my understanding that it will be revised periodically as studies of Homo sapiens produce continuous and voluminous new information. The informative appendices are a superb way to handle technical information that might interrupt the easy flow of the story.

A timely and important work

A Timely and Important World

By Richard Rossiter on September 12, 2013

I read this book, cover to cover, as soon as it was released. Here is told the history of the universe (13.75 billion years) in 200 pages, as perceived and interpreted under the scrutiny of the scientific method. The book sets forth such a vast assemblage of knowledge and ideas, that by the time I had finished the text and appendices, I went back to page 1 and started over. Leptons, quarks, neutrinos, pulsars, quasars, dark energy, the cosmic web, require some getting used to, lacking a background in physics and astronomy. Then it's on to The Origin of Life (Chapter 4). Reeling in the wake yet? This section begins with a wonderful explanation of DNA, then goes on to present contemporary theories of how life began in primordial seas where various sugars, lipids, amino acids and nucleotides somehow assembled into single-celled organisms that evolved over 3.8 billion years to result in me, reading Journey To Civilization.

The book leaves many questions unanswered, not because the author overlooks them, but because science, for all its amazing technology and accumulated knowledge, does not have all the answers. The author is forthcoming in this regard throughout the text.

Journey To Civilization is a scholarly and compelling work, very well referenced, with beautiful photographs, diagrams and charts to support and illuminate the wealth and depth of its content. This book is important, not only as a synopsis of scientific knowledge, but because it is accessible and enlightening to those of us who have not devoted our lives to the rigors of science. Highly recommended.

Truth Trumps Fiction

By Bob Carmichael on August 20, 2013

I found this book to be absolutely astonishing and right on the money for refuting some of the current know nothingness permeating society. Science is rooted in truth not myth. This book explains our tiny tiny humanoid position in realm of deep time and space. Humility and wonder is what this book was about for me. Excellent!



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